Why I shut down my facebook page

I admit it.   I’ve had it.   It is time to shut down my both my facebook pages.

My personal page and my business page.

Once and for all.

Here are the reasons why I decided to take this step.

1)   There are only 1.35 billion users of facebook globally

There are 1.35 billion facebook users.
There are 1.35 billion facebook users.

Who would want to reach that number of people?   Sure, my competition now has access to those folks, but I’m going to spend my time creating my own alternative to facebook which is going to be awesome.


2)  There are only 745 million daily mobile users on facebook

Facebook mobile users

Most of my customers use mobile phones but I don’t want them to be distracted while at the airport, or waiting at the Doctor’s office, or at school, or pretty much anywhere they bring their phones.

I’m going to create content for the desktop which is much prettier and bigger.


3)   Facebook reaches only 84% of mobile users in the United States, Google has more

Facebook Mobile Reach

I’ll reach the other 16% with my own mobile app and on my desktop page.


4)  Only 71% of internet users in the US are on Facebook

Facebook Demographics

That leaves 28% of the population on the internet for me to create amazing content and use my SEO talents to drive them to my content properties.  I’ll have a ton of time to do that.


5)  Facebook has overtaken YouTube

Facebook overtakes YouTube

Video?  I don’t have time for cute videos of my pets to share with my customers and clients so they think I’m really a human being and not just sitting behind a keyboard all day long.  I certainly don’t want my prospects to have access to how to videos and interviews with famous people.


To conclude:

Facebook is simply much too popular and has way too many people for me to spend my time creating content that works for my clients and customers that are already on the platform.

Facebook’s ad system is so easy to use and so easy to target the right people I’d rather not fool around with it.   I just don’t have the time to find Mom’s in Northern Virginia that like the Nationals and ice cream.

Goodbye Facebook !  Goodbye !