You can only

 change the conversation if you’re a part of it!

Are you looking to change the world — or just your neck of the woods —
and need help in developing and executing a digital strategy?

I have the experience and expertise to help you get it done.

We can create digital strategies to change the world, one bit at a time.


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How I Can Help You

Digital Strategy

I’ll create measurable digital strategy and partner with you to drive results, instead of preparing beautiful presentations that gather dust on a bookshelf. Together we will  create amazing and measurable results that your organization will love.

Social Media

I’ll create social media strategies that target your audiences and engage with them where they spend time online. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other sites are the channels we use to make sure that your message is getting heard by the right people at the right time.  I’ll make sure that your organization is part of the conversations that matter, where they matter.

Online Advertising

Across all platforms (Google, Facebook, Bing and beyond) I’ll  help you get the best return for each dollar spent. Tell me the return that you need. If you don’t know yet, I’ll help you figure that out.

Find Your Audience

Audiences are shifting quickly from one platform (Facebook) to another (SnapChat).  I will help your team figure out how to engage your audiences where they are having conversations you need to be part of.

Training & Speaking

Does your team need an executive briefing on the latest digital trends? Do you need to quickly get your staff up to speed on how to successfully use Facebook or Google Analytics? I’ll  customize an effective training session for your staff.

Digital Marketing Now

The digital landscape moves fast and the the players and rules constantly change.  I keep up with what is going on now and what is on the horizon so you don’t have to.   I’ll come to your office (or we can do it via a web conference) and brief you and your team on what it is that you need to know.