You Get To Work With The Best For Less

I’ve worked at the Sr. Level at Fortune 500 companies and I’ve launched my own non profit.    While launching my non profit I won the Mashable Open Web Award for the top non profit to use social media in 2008.

But you don’t have to hire me full time.    I work from home.   I know the right people (the best people).    I’ll make sure you get the best thinking on Digital Strategy and execution for a price that is significantly less than hiring a full digital agency.

My overhead is my dog bed 🙂

Some other reasons:

You Can’t Succeed Without Failure


Yes! I encourage failing quickly and learning from mistakes or your competition and the world will move past you.

I have failed and I have learned. Without failure you cannot learn what actually works.

I bring decades of failure and incredible successes to your organization to help you fail faster so that you arrive where you need to go.

I Have A Global Perspective

I was born in Kenya (my parents were the first Peace Corps volunteers there) and I’ve lived over half my life in Africa, Europe and Asia.  I’ve worked with massive teams in the global marketplace and he helped small businesses and nonprofits (mine and other entrepreneurs) get things done.

This means I  understands people, cultures, organizations, start ups, non profits. I get people, no matter who they are.

I Innovate

Innovation is an overused word. Who does not want to be seen as innovative, or, better, disruptive to the status quo?

I’ve been there. I’ve innovated, and I’ve disrupted.

I put political robocalls in the national vocabulary. Before 2008 the term “robocall” was not well understood. During 2008 that changed as Saturday Night Live created a character “Robo Call” just before Election Day. As a social entrepreneur, I saw the trend of increased voter anger towards unwanted robocalls and built a nonprofit that drove the national conversation with no funds, no agency, and no team.

All without any formal budget!

This bootstrapping means I can create trends, see trends as they emerge, and  find burgeoning trends on the horizon.

I Get Things Done

Shaun makes things happen. I don’t spend months on research and analysis spending your scarce time and money on strategies that won’t work but look pretty in a board room.

 I don’t waste your time and money with consulting plans, audits and reports in binders.

In action:

In January 2013 I jumped on board the team putting together the March on Washington for Gun Control as the social media director. In less than 3 weeks Shaun had grown the Facebook page from under 500 to over 6,000 members. The January event had over 6,000 marchers on a snowy cold day in Washington, DC.

In January 2012 I was asked to run the social media and digital marketing team for Moms Clean Air Force, a powerful non profit of over 150,000 members working on children’s health.  I grew the Social Media footprint on Facebook from under 5,000 to almost 40,000 in a year. Most importantly, I developed an actionable system to measure how many Facebook fans moved FROM facebook to the Moms Clean Air Force email list and then took the action that we wanted.

I can do that for your organization. Let’s go change the world, together.

I Am  Pragmatic and I Test

If it works, I do it. I test. I test all the time.

I don’t talk about theories, concepts or frameworks. I don’t necessarily talk a great deal.

I do. I experiment. I try things and see what works and what does not work and then we’ll do more of the actions that actually work.

If you talk to my clients you’ll know that I constantly try new ideas to drive results. I do not sit.

Let’s get something done.  Together.

I have Strong Bias For Action

My private sector and nonprofit clients succeed.

Your organization doesn’t have time to waste in a hyper-competitive world. I know what works, have a bias to action and will help you get things done, NOW.

My clients say that I’m different because I don’t waste time on audits, presentations or reports.

I won’t work with an organization that doesn’t share my bias for action.

Because if you are not getting things done you are not changing the world.

My Approach

You won’t get a formal and long process when you work with me.

I listen.

I don’t have a specific “5 step” methodology that every client must go through because every organization and every situation is different. I adapt to your organization and craft the action plan that fits your needs instead of forcing your organization to adapt to our methods.

You won’t get a strategy that has been cut and pasted from a previous client or a junior account representative once we partner. You get a strategy that works.

The People I Partner With

My team’s goal is to help you change the world and get things done.

I have amazing people that are experts in these areas:


  • Digital Strategy

  • Public Relations

  • Social Media

  • Campaign Strategy and Management

  • Website Design and Optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Content Marketing Strategy

  • Online advertising



  • Privacy and Security

  • Design

  • Digital Usability

  • A/B testing

  • Email Marketing

  • Copywriting

  • Executive coaching and training

  • Custom Digital training