Upworthy Crushes Facebook Video with 200 million views in January

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One of the viral videos created by Upworthy. Over 9 million views!


I continue to be blown away by how well facebook has taken on YouTube with native video (video that is uploaded directly to facebook).

This week we learned how Upworthy’s massive bet on facebook video paid off big time with over 200 million views in the month of January! Congrats Upworthy !

I’ve noticed more and more media companies creating video specifically for the facebook news feed. Videos that play without the sound on and use text overlays to ensure that you understand the main story without ever actually hearing the sound! This is a whole new skill set and something that companies and nonprofits have yet to figure out effectively.

What are you doing with video on facebook? If you are not doing anything, it is time to start !


What I have for you:

  • What I’m Reading: The Upworthy story on viral facebook video; Some great data on what is working with email and marketing (HINT: mobile is key); Content marketing strategy framework; A really cool marketing book published one instagram image or video at a time.
  • Video: The Upworthy viral video in the main image above!
  • Resources: How to know if your social videos are working; finishing your to-do list faster!

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What I’m Reading


Resources and Tools

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