Trump won with a great story, so did the NRA

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(Disney is one of the greatest storytelling organizations in history)



  1. TL;DR:  The candidate (brand/organization) with the most compelling story wins.   While true, creating a story that wins is the most difficult thing for any organization to accomplish.
  2. Articles I’ve shared:
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    • Videos:  The best Christmas ad for 2016?  Patti Smith sings at the Nobel ceremony and knocks the socks off all of us.
    • Resources:  The anatomy of a viral web video, the 10 best SlideShare’s  for 2016 for social media professionals.

Big Idea:  The candidate/campaign/organization/brand with the most compelling story will prevail and win.  Here are some examples.


  • Trump:  “Make America Great Again.” “Build the wall” VS
  • Clinton:  “Stronger Together,’ “Read one of my 150 amazing policy papers on whatever issue you care about and learn how smart I am.”


  • NRA:  “Guns = Freedom,” “Stand and Fight” VS
  • One of the many “gun violence prevention” groups:   “Universal background checks,” “GVRO,” “Keep guns from bad people,” “ban assault weapons,” “ban guns,” “ask parents if guns are in the home where your kid plays.”


  • Apple, Google, Coke:  Number 1 – 3 in global brand ranking.  What are they known for?   What is their brand promise?  Why are they the top brands?   They tell a story and their products allow US to tell stories about ourselves.
  • Shell, John Deere, MTV:   All brands that have lost ground over the past years.  All brands that are growing old, stale, and no longer have a compelling story.

This Is Us (NBC) is some of the best TV right now.

Amongst my peers, there seems to be unanimous agreement that this year’s hit breakout TV show is “This Is Us” on NBC.    Why?  The storytelling is gripping.   It is compelling.   People can not wait until the next season starts.

Why?   The STORY is the center of the show.  NOT special effects, NOT big name stars, NOT incredible locations.   The story is it.  The only thing that matters.

How can you tell a compelling story?



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Shaun Dakin – Dakin Associates

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