Top 10 Environmental Organization Posts on Facebook in the Past Week

(From the week of 2.9 > 2.14 2015)

Some of my favorite clients are in the Environmental space.

I use a tool called CrowdTangle to understand what posts are “going viral” across the environmental movement.   CrowdTangle allows me to see not just what is working for my clients, but what is working across any pre-defined list of facebook pages that I create.

In this case, I monitor about 30 of the top environmental groups in the USA.  Here are the top 10 posts for the past week.

Observations on what is working:

  • Keystone, Keystone Keystone (4 of the top 10 on Keystone)
  • Animals, animals, animals (#1 about a dog)
  • Fracking


 1) Dog Escapes

2) Hiking Makes You Happy

3) Support Obama and the Keystone Veto

4) 350 and Fracking Rally in CA

5) Hat Stealing Owl

6)  NRDC and Obama on Keystone

7) Keystone

8) Support Obama and the Keystone Veto

9) Smile

10) Save the Monarch