Why Teens Are Leaving Facebook

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Not putting it on Facebook. (Reuters/Carlo Allegri)


The GOP establishment is officially dead (TBD for the Democratic Party). With Trump clearly in the lead in the GOP primaries, it is clear that the “establishment” (pundits / beltway insiders) are dead.

To figure out why I’ve clipped a must read twitter story (yes, a twitter story) by Clay Shirky on how social media has done this. In 50 tweets Clay lays out how this happened and how establishment candidates are in real trouble (see the end of the Bush family in SC last night).

What is interesting to me is why this is and is NOT happening in the business or non-profit worlds. Businesses are getting bigger and bigger, as are non-profits. Yes, there are insurgent companies or non-profits, but there doesn’t seem to be the same dynamic occurring there that is happening in the political space. Social media is not destroying Apple and Exxon.

What I have for you:

  • What I’m Reading: How to write emails that get a response; How to write a thank you note; Why teenagers are leaving Facebook; What leaders are doing on Instagram.
  • Video: The best campaign video of the year?
  • Resources: Chrome extensions for marketing!; How to run content marketing based on data.

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