Foursquare Forces Users Into New Swarm App And Users Hate It

Sad Mayor. Source:


Foursquare, the long beloved “check in” app today started to force long time users to download their new check in app called Swarm.

Personally, I’ve been a longtime user of Foursquare.   Almost every time I arrive at a new place I open up the (old) application and check in to the location.   Schools, restaurants, my office, the White House.  EVERY WHERE.

And when I integrated it with IFTTT and my Google Calendar it became AWESOME !   Every time I checked into a location IFTTT would publish it in my calendar.   That way I had an accurate record of every single place I had been.  I also loved the tips that people left for restaurants.

Today, Foursquare broke that relationship.  Forever.

Users are not too happy.

And it is not just me that thinks this.

Just check out the @Foursquare twitter stream.

 It is time to delete my long beloved Foursquare app.