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What you should do: Facebook Changes The Algorithm, again

What you should do:  Facebook Changes The Algorithm, again

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(In honor of #MLKday, I’ve included a short video of his speech the day before he was murdered in Memphis.)

If you work in digital marketing, there is no way you did not read about the latest changes to the facebook algorithm, unless you happened to be on vacation with absolutely no access to the internet!

In the “What I’m Reading” section I’ve included one of the best pieces I’ve read in the past few days by Jon Loomer.   I encourage you to read the whole thing.

If you run facebook pages, here are some of my thoughts on the announced changes by facebook.

My Thoughts:

  1. Content, Content, Content: Produce content that people engage with (like, comment, and share) and your pages will continue to do fine. This has been the case for years. Produce content that people don’t engage with and, just like in the past, your pages will not perform. ACTION: Use analytics to determine which content YOUR audience has engaged with and produce more of that type of content.
  2. Pay facebook: All my clients have dedicated ad budgets to promote content or to hit specific goals such as petition signing, poll completion, sales, or donations. To succeed, you must have a dedicated ad budget. This has been the case for years.  ACTION: Determine an ad budget now and start to spend and learn. Start small, test and learn.
  3. Curate the best content: Unless you are Disney or the New York Times, it is extremely hard to produce consistently engaging content 24/7. Instead, you need to find OPC (Other People’s Content) and share that with your audience to drive engagement.   Depending on the client, this could be up to 80 percent of facebook posts. ACTION: Monitor the internet to see what people are engaging with in your area.   I use CrowdTangle to do that.

Bottom Line:

If you have been successful in the past on facebook, I don’t think that you will see significant changes in performance. Facebook has made changes, significant changes, in the past and those pages that produce engaging content always continue to do well.

Thank you,

Shaun Dakin – Dakin Associates

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