#Blizzard2016 and Traditional Media; Fastest Growing News Site of 2015

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My two dogs, Clifford and Rockford, featured on my local CBS news station (WUSA9) during the Blizzard of 2016, via a tweet.


For those of you that experienced the #Blizzard2016 I hope that this email finds you safe and warm!

This week I’m thinking about how social media and traditional media have created a symbiotic relationship with each needing each other.

The image you see is a photo I took while watching TV – WUSA9 (DC CBS) – in the middle of the blizzard. It is a photo of a tweet that I sent which tagged @WUSA9 as well as the hashtags #Blizzard2016 and #Snowday9. By tagging the tweet with the TV station I hoped that someone at the station would be interested enough to broadcast my photo OTA (over the air). They did ! I also used the hashtags that the station was following!

What started as a single social media tweet into the internets then became a featured image on traditional media (TV). And guess what? I found out that WUSA9 was broadcasting the photo from a facebook messenger message from a friend in the DC area that was watching TV at that moment.

We are seeing this more and more as traditional mainstream (or, as Sarah Palin likes to say, LAMESTREAM) media merges with and uses digital media like twitter.

Of course, twitter would not exist if people were not tweeting out content with links to mainstream media outlets like the Washington Post or the New York Times.

Have you had any of your digital media assets picked up by the mainstream media? Let me know !

What I have for you:

  • What I’m Reading: The fastest growing “news” site of 2015 was an obscure site for moms; There is not right way for doing anything.
  • Video: The video that focussed the nation’s attention on a natural gas leak that is the worst environmental disaster since BP’s oil disaster in the Gulf. EDF (a client) was able to use unique technology to actually show what until then had been an invisible leak. This single video changed everything.
  • Resources: 21 steps to blog publishing; The number one mistake people make with facebook ads; Nonprofit communications trends for 2016.

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