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I know why Hillary lost

I know why Hillary lost

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  1. TL;DR: Become a “Citizen 365” rather than a Citizen every 4 years during a Presidential cycle.
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How many headlines have you read this week with the same basic theme?

I know why Hillary / The Democrats lost the election to Trump.

Now that I have your attention. 

I don’t have a clue.   Not Really.

I won’t purport to know.  And guess what?   No one else does either.   And all those people telling you I KNOW WHY HILLARY LOST?   Those are the same individuals that have been telling you she would win with 80-90 percent certainty.

Ignore most of that rubbish.  For now.

Citizen 365 vs Citizen every four years

Here is what I do know.

If you want to change things in the USA, one of the most effective ways is to elect the people you want into power and to influence those people once they are in power.

I’d like to challenge everyone that I know to become “Citizen 365” rather than “Citizen every 4 years.”

Being a changemaker requires that everyone of us engages with our civic institutions 365 days a year.

Effecting change requires that you understand who your local and state politicians are and what they stand for.  

Why?  Because someone else does, and that “someone” probably does not have the same goals and objectives that you do.

This means spending a few minutes getting to know:

  • Your City Council 
  • Your School Board
  • Your County Administration
  • Your State Representatives (House and Senate)
  • Your Federal Representatives (House and Senate)
  • Your Governor

It means visiting your State House to lobby your representatives.

It means going to your city council meetings, if only to listen and then, perhaps, to speak about an issue important to you.

It means having your representative’s phone numbers on speed dial.

Take a few minutes to discover who your local representatives are (if you don’t already know them).

If you already do know who they are, spend a few minutes and write them an email.

Let me know what happens!


Thank you,

Shaun Dakin – Dakin Associates

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