Facebook has their first Facebook Live Video Star! Why Her?

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Candace Payne became the first viral Facebook live star in history!


Welcome to a special Sunday edition of this newsletter! 

If you have been paying attention, even for a second, over the past few days, you probably have seen the viral Facebook live video from a Mom sitting in her car letting the world know how much she loves the new Star Wars Chewbacca mask.   As of this moment, her original video (not counting the extra millions from being on TV) is at 127 million views, in 3 days. 

Why did this happen? 

I’ll leave it to many many people much wiser than I to pontificate about what this viral video really “means” to the world. 

What I can say is that the video represents unbridled JOY!!!!   With the election season seemingly never ending, plane crashes, war, and zika this MOM and her laughter and joy LIT UP our Facebook feeds, if only for a few minutes.   Imagine all the millions of people around the world smiling and laughing with her.   WOW. 

What you can do about this:

Nothing, unless you are Kohl’s (the store she mentions in the video) or the maker of the mask. Viral videos are unpredictable.    Any person that says they have the best idea in the world for the next viral video is selling you something that you don’t need.  Really.

Laugh, smile and, for a moment, know that the whole world may be laughing with you.

What I have for you:

  • What I’m Reading:   A few posts about Candace and her amazing video.
  • Video:  Candace Payne’s viral video post.
  • Resources:  A real-time view of what Liberals see in their facebook feeds vs Conservatives.   More data on how Facebook is eating the world.

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