The Rise Of Snapchat Whether You Like It Or Not

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The RED campaign on Snapchat


I hope you had a fantastic Summer!   I was able to unplug and get away for much of August to Block Island, Rhode Island where I was able to see the first offshore wind farm in the United States of America.    It was an incredible experience and gave me hope for the future and moving towards renewable energy!

Snapchat:  Love it or Hate it you need to understand it

If you don’t know, I teach Digital Marketing at George Mason University every semester.   At the start of the semester, I ask my students what social media platforms they use EVERY day.  I have about 50 undergrad students.   This year, for the first time, Snapchat was at the top of the list.

  1. Snapchat = 99%
  2. Facebook = 95%
  3. Instagram = 94%
  4. LinkedIN = 90%
  5. Twitter = 5%   FIVE percent!

Personally, I don’t use Snapchat.  My friends are not on it.

But, if you are an organization that needs to communicate with people under 30 years old, then you need to understand it and figure out if Snapchat could help you reach that audience.

What has made Snapchat so successful with this age group?   


This is a group of young people that came of age hearing about scandal and “sexting” and warnings about drunk photos on Facebook (where images are stored forever).

Snapchat came along and created, from the start, a private 1:1 method of communication which allows young people to communicate AWAY FROM ADULTS AND MOM AND DAD.

Here are some articles that you may find useful in understanding Snapchat and how fast it is growing.

What do you think?

Thank you,

Shaun Dakin – Dakin Associates

PS:   I am officially “with her” this Presidential election.    Hillary Clinton is the kind of President that we need to lead our great nation.     If you also believe that she must win, and Trump must be defeated, please consider donating to her campaign and doing all you can to ensure she wins.

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