Real World Pokemon Go Marketing Examples You Can Use To Win

Issue #115

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A Photo I took while Playing Pokemon Go in Falls Church, VA!


Another week has passed, and Pokemon Go continues to be the talk of the Dakin family and the marketing world.   I’ve personally walked about 50 km so far hunting for Pokemon, Poke Stops, and Gyms – all with my 12-year old son!

What I have for you:

This week I’ve sourced some great articles with even more details on how your organization can jump on the Pokemon bandwagon.   I also have something on the latest Facebook changes trying to cut down on “click bait” articles in your newsfeed.

Oh Yeah, the Olympics are happening as well!

Send me your Pokemon stories!

Thank you,

Shaun Dakin – Dakin Associates

PS:   I am officially “with her” this Presidential election.    Hillary Clinton is the kind of President that we need to lead our great nation.     If you also believe that she must win, and Trump must be defeated, please consider donating to her campaign and doing all you can to ensure she wins.

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