The Real Reason the Amazon Echo Is Crushing It

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I’ve been thinking more about why the Amazon Echo has been the sleeper hit of the year. It is immediately clear if you are a long time Amazon customer, particularly if you are a Prime member (Prime members receive free shipping on a ton of Amazon products as well as a bunch of other free items for a yearly membership fee).

So, what is the secret?

Under promise and over deliver

Much of the success of Amazon as a whole is based on this credo. Under promise, what you are going to do for the customer and then, routinely, over deliver on that promise.

The Echo is exactly that. It is a product that under promises from the get go and then, the more you use it and the more it simply JUST WORKS, the more you understand that Amazon is, once again, OVER-DELIVERING value to their customers.

When any organization under promises and then OVER DELIVERS they will win.

Every time.

What have you or your organization done recently to UNDER promise and then OVER deliver?

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