How Newsjacking Helps You Win The Engagement War

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  1. TL;DR:  While every brand and organization has a core message they want to communicate there are world events that will always dominate the news (newsfeed).   You must monitor topical news and, when appropriate, message to your audience around that breaking news.
  2. Articles I’ve shared:
    • To read:  Newsjacking; The New Rules of Marketing and PR (one of the best books on this subject in my life – and I’m in the book!); The story of Fake News.
    • Videos – Really fascinating Salvation Army (Canada) use of facebook 360 video.
    • Resources – 5 ways to improve subject lines in email; The future of Social Media for 2017 by Buffer.

Big Idea: Over Thanksgiving One of My Clients Dominated The facebook Newsfeed by “Newsjacking” a major story in the environmental movement.

One of our Clients, Moms Clean Air Force, had 5 of the top 10 posts on facebook in the environmental space over Thanksgiving weekend (as measured by CrowdTangle).   The posts were around the Dakota Access Pipeline and the protests.

The Newsjacking Tactic:

Part of what we do at Dakin Associates is constantly monitor the news using tools like CrowdTangle and BuzzSumo to understand what is resonating within specific audience sectors.

Then, if appropriate, we ensure that we are “newsjacking” topical events and news items for our clients to ensure that their brands are being shown in the facebook newsfeed.

Remember, if you are posting content that NO ONE is engaging with (like, comment and share) on social media you are posting into a black hole.    Few like to post content that no one will read!

This weekend:

We paid particular attention to the number of news stories, celebrities, facebook posts, and facebook live videos (including from the New York Times) that were around the Dakota Access Pipeline protests at Standing Rock.

As a result, we were able to share topical stories about the protests that many people were interested in reading and, more importantly, engaging with (like, comment, and share).

Of course, most of the competition was on vacation and out of the office!

Do you do this?  Does it work?  Let me know!

Thank you,

Shaun Dakin – Dakin Associates

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