Live-Streaming Death and Why America Is Exceptional

Issue #111

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AP:  Ieshia Evans, 28, was attending her first ever protest march in Baton Rouge when she was pictured in this iconic image being arrested by heavily armed police.


I’m a little late today with this newsletter because, like many of you, I’m tired.    It has been a very long summer regarding gun violence in America.

This photo, like the man in front of the tank at Tiananmen Square, has become the iconic image from the past week, around the world.

Again, we have seen the power of Facebook and live-streaming.    If your organization is NOT live-streaming, get with it :).

Here are my thoughts on America, Race, and Guns:

America is Exceptional (thanks to the gun):

The NRA, the gun lobby and their bought off supporters are responsible for the violent deaths of black men at the hands of the police.

And they are responsible for the deaths of Police officers.

The NRA and their supporters have created an armed society.

These forces of evil have fought against all reasonable gun control laws.

They have put guns and weapons of war in the hands of civilians and police alike.

And in a race to see who can buy the most guns and weapons of war the civilians and police are escalating.  Not sure what the other side has.

Is it any wonder that we feel we live in a war zone?

I’ll say it again, every nation on earth has crime, has corrupt police officers, has hate and racism.

Every single one.

The only, again THE ONLY, difference with America?

The USA allows everyone easy access to weapons of war in the home and on the streets.

It is the gun, Not the hate and racism that makes America exceptional.

Thank you,

Shaun Dakin – Dakin Associates

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