How Instant Pot Won Thanksgiving via Word of Mouth Marketing

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  1. TL;DR:  This holiday season I’ve been reminded again and again how important word of mouth (WoM) marketing is, particularly for those organizations that are not named “Coke” or “Apple.”   How can you use WoM to win (assuming that you are not working for Coke)?
  2. Articles I’ve shared:
    • To read:  Instant Pot example of WoM; Netflix and Gilmore Girls.
    • Videos – New PSA from the Gun Violence Prevention world that is going viral.   Wait for it.
    • Resources – The top facebook video lead tells us what works for facebook video;  Buffer lists 37 online marketing and social media classes to elevate your skills.

Big Idea:  Word of Mouth (WoM) marketing is the most authentic and effective marketing.   But we already knew that.

When you work for an organization and have a marketing budget, your first thoughts typically go towards thinking about how to spend that money on what I call INTERRUPTION MARKETING.   TV, Radio, Internet advertising.

These are tactics that are in YOUR CONTROL.

What is not in your control?    What consumers and the public are saying about your organization or brand.   

And that is hard to wrap your head around that.

What can you do to make it easier to spread the word?

> Instant Pot example <

Before Thanksgiving, I had never heard of Instant Pot (a modern pressure cooker).  Now I have one and I love it.   How did that happen?

In short, my friends on facebook talked about how much they loved it, linked to an Amazon deal, and I bought it fast.

Instant Pot facebook Community and Recipe websites.

After getting my Instant Pot, I wanted to figure out how to use it (it is intimidating) quickly and to get ideas for recipes.   I immediately found the official Instant Pot facebook community page (not the marketing page), joined, and was blown away by the community and helpfulness.   Within moments I was up and running.

And what did I do?  I shared my awesome Instant Pot on facebook with my friends!

And Instant Pot spent ZERO dollars on traditional marketing (yes, they did have a Thanksgiving / Cyber Monday deal, and that is traditional).   No TV ads.  No internet ads.    

Simply happy customers (my friends) sharing on facebook how much they loved their Instant Pot.

What can you do to make it easy for your members or customers to share information about your organization?  Let me know!



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Shaun Dakin – Dakin Associates

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