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Facebook: You Will Never Guess Which News Conservative or Liberal Outlet Has 2x Engagement On Facebook

Facebook: You Will Never Guess Which News Conservative or Liberal Outlet Has 2x Engagement On Facebook

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Fox News On Facebook with over 12 million likes and double the engagement of the next nearest news source, Huffington Post.


This week the news media (mostly) and the GOP on the Hill were up in arms regarding the “breaking news” that facebook’s news curation team was skewing the trending news feed towards liberal news topics. 

Of course, whenever the news industry discovers something about themselves they make sure that the rest of the world reads about it as well.  The GOP Senate jumped into the fray as well promising an inquiry into this “scandal”. 

The Reality:

As Brandon Siliverman (CEO of CrowdTangle) discovers, the reality is that Conservative news outlets, such as Fox, have a 2x enagement rate on facebook over more liberal outlets.   (Also useful to read is the post of Joel Kaplan, VP of Public Policy at Facebook as a response to this issue). 

Who Cares (or what does this mean for you): 

To win on Facebook you must have the most interesting content (for your audidence) which attracts the most engaged community.   An engaged community then leads to above average Facebook news feed scores for your content as they like, comment and share information with their friends and family. 

Clearly Fox news knows something about winning on Facebook. 

What I have for you:

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  • Video:  A really fun ad from France to drive people to use the train in the EU.
  • Resources: How the Facebook news feed really works; How to grow your intagram feed with user generated content (UGC); 11 little know facebook features for marketers.

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