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Last Thursday, as I was preparing for my weekly lecture on Digital Marketing at George Mason University (where Miley Cyrus was campaigning for Hillary this weekend!) an amazing Chatbooks video took over my facebook feed.


Chatbooks is a photo book app that takes your facebook or instagram photos and automatically creates photo books for you on a subscription basis.    Once you hit 60 photos, a book is made and off it ships!

So What:

Making a photo book SUCKS (as this video will make it clear).   If you have ever tried to make a photo book, you probably waited a long long time before you make another one.   Right?   Yes, right.

Chatbooks marketing crushed it this week on facebook:

When I showed this to my students (undergraduates and all under 30 and not married), they LOVED IT, even though they are NOT the target audience.

Why does it work:

  • Humor:  Watch it.  I dare you not to laugh.  Multiple times.  
  • Targets a specific and well-known pain point:   Making photo books sucks.  This solves the problem and solves it with minimal pain.
  • Targets busy Moms:  The ad is spot on with a typical suburban Mom in her element with kids running amok in the house.   
  • It offers a specific solution:  Want to make photo books fun and easy?   Use Chatbooks.   
  • It knows who it is NOT for:  In the video this Mom specifically says that if you are into making perfect photo books, this is NOT for you.

The Marketing platform is important.

Chatbooks understands that busy Moms are on facebook and that IF they are entertained AND find a fun solution to a problem they have they will like, comment and share.

  • The facebook video is now over 7 million views.
  • YouTube is about 313k.

Understanding your audience, where they spend their time and what they care about is marketing 101.

Hats off to the Chatbooks marketing team for a solid win!

Thank you,

Shaun Dakin – Dakin Associates

PS:   I am officially “with her” this Presidential election.    Hillary Clinton is the kind of President that we need to lead our great nation.     If you also believe that she must win, and Trump must be defeated, please consider donating to her campaign and doing all you can to ensure she wins.

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