The Best April Fools’ Day Pranks By Brands for 2017

Issue #143

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April Fools’ (AF) day is a minefield for brands and organizations.   Unless you are very sure of your brand, your customers, and your ad agency, it is best to forget about the entire day.

That being said, I love playing AF pranks on my friends (posting somewhat true stuff on Facebook and getting them to believe, for a second, that it was true) and I love to see how creative brands and organizations execute their AF plans.

My personal favorite this year is the Google Gnome. Watch the ad here.

Which is your favorite?

Articles I’m sharing with you this week include:

  • AF: April Fools’ day brand roundup posts.
  • Privacy:   Comcast is going out of their way to say they won’t sell your browser history.
  • Facebook stories:  Facebook’s head on competition with Snapchat has arrived.   Instagram already introduced their version of stories about six months ago (Instagram is a Facebook company).


  1. Facebook Privacy.   Great trick to protect your personal privacy on facebook.
  2. Which Test Won:  My favorite site to test your gut on which A/B test won.   Are you testing your digital content?


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