Why The Amazon Echo Is Such A Massive Hit

Issue #96

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Amazon Echo


It is rare that I am really ahead of the curve when it comes to the “latest must have” technology. With the Amazon Echo I was at the bleeding edge as an early adopter and, well, it is now one of the hottest products.

You probably have seen the Alex Baldwin TV ads and read one of the many many articles now in the mainstream press (rather than the tech press) about how the Echo is so amazing.

I now have two Echos in the house, really

Yes, this product is so good, I now have two Echos. One in the kitchen and one in the bedroom. My Wife jokes that there is now another woman in the bedroom:)

Why the Echo is doing so well

It just works. It is the first voice-activated device that I’ve used that doesn’t have a lag and works perfectly every time you want it to do something for you.

Do you have one? Let me know!

What I have for you:

  • What I’m Reading: Facebook is eating the world; Everything you can say to your Amazon Echo; Snapchat is a marketing loser.
  • Video: 2 videos! 1) A very cute TV ad from France that involves babies crying, 2) An Amazon Echo TV ad from the Superbowl.
  • Resources: How to start creating Facebook instant articles for your own content platforms; 50 split testing ideas you can do now; Content marketing tools.

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What I’m Reading


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