3 Ways Your Organization Can Use Pokemon Go To Win

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A photo I took at a Capitol Hill watering hole, Tortilla Coast, in the first week of the Pokemon Go craze!


Last week I told you that I thought Pokemon Go (PG) was here to stay and could start to rival Facebook as a place for all of us to spend our leisure minutes.    The most recent data I have seen had 10% of the American population playing in the first week.    That is about 30 million people.    

Whatever you think of the game, I would pay attention to that number.

Here are some thoughts on how organizations, particularly non-profits and campaigns, can think about using PG to benefit them and engage with existing and new customers or members.  This week I’ll focus on:

Existing locations with PokeStops (PS):

If you have a business or office that is lucky enough to have a PokeStop on the premises or right next to you, Awesome.

Ideas for you:

  1. Pokemon Go signage:  Put a physical sign near the PS.   Simple and effective.    Let PG players know that you understand there is a PS there and decide what type of messaging you would like them to understand about you.  “Hey PG player!   Come inside and learn more about our organization after collecting your Pokeballs and we will give you a free ice cold water!”
  2. Lure modules.   Invest in buying lure modules (which attract both people AND Pokemon) and notify people on your digital and social media platforms that you will be dropping lure modules at a specific time.    “Hey, are you playing PG!  We are!  We would love to have you visit us and to make it fun we are going to have lure modules at 5 pm today!  See you soon”.
  3. Incentives for members or customers to visit.    If you are a business or sell anything of value (T-shirts!) post and advertize that only for PG players there will be a special incentive for them at 7 pm today.   “Today only!  at 7 pm bring your PG game to our location on Main St, collect some PG stuff, Pokemon, and get a sweet deal on T-Shirts that let people know you love PG and want to save the Rainforest as well!”

More ideas below and next week!

Thank you,

Shaun Dakin – Dakin Associates

PS:   I am officially “with her” this Presidential election.    Hillary Clinton is the kind of President that we need to lead our great nation.     If you also believe that she must win, and Trump must be defeated, please consider donating to her campaign and doing all you can to ensure she wins.

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